composer work source notes
BARTOK Bela Piano sonata (1926) 1956 list
Suite op.14 (1916) 1956 list two movements played at a BBC audition on 31 March 1949
BEETHOVEN Piano concerto no.2, op.19 1967 list
BENJAMIN Arthur Pastorale, Arioso and Finale for piano (1936) 1956 list
BERKELEY Lennox Four concert studies op.14 (1940) 1947 list, letter 24 Nov 1952
BLISS Arthur Sonata (1952) 1956 list
CASELLA Alfredo Scarlattiana op.44 (1926) 1956 list
CIRY Michel Concerto for piano, 16 wind instruments and percussion (1956) dedicated to MK 1956 list no evidence that Margaret performed this work, see 1
Preludes 1er Cahier dedicated to MK July 1955 score dedication on score
DALLAPICCOLA Luigi Sonatina Canonica on Caprices of Niccolo Paganini (1943) 1956 list
DUSSEK Jan Ladislav Sonatas CK played at home
EGGE Klaus Piano concerto no.2, op.21 (1948) 1956 list (handwritten) no markings in score; "M Kitchin 1956" on cover
FERGUSON Howard Five Bagatelles op.9 (1944) 1947 list
FORTNER Wolfgang Mouvements for piano and orchestra (1953) 1956 list, 1967 list f.p. Baden-Baden 5 Feb 1954; ballet Essen 26 Feb 1960; pianists not identified
GERBER René Six pièces pour piano (1er cahier, 1938-40) 1947 list
GINASTERA Alberto Piano Sonata no.1 op.22 (1952) 1956 list
HAIEFF Alexis Piano concerto (1949-50) 1956 list no markings in score (2-piano reduction)
Five pieces for piano (1948) 1956 list no markings in score
HUSA Karel * Sonata [no. 1 (1952)] 1956 list
LISZT Un Sospiro 1951 list, score, CK played at home
MARESCOTTI André Fantasque (1939) 1947 list
MARTIN Frank Preludes 1956 list
MENDLESSOHN Felix Piano concerto no.2 in D minor op.40 1967 list
Rondo brilliante in E flat op.29 1967 list Assuming this is meant by "E flat concerto". There is no "C major concerto".
Rondo Capriccioso op.14 CK played at home
MOTTU Alexandre Tambourin from Airs à Danser (1941) 1947 list
MOZART Piano concerto no.16 in D K451 letters 24 Nov 1952 & 12 Nov 1961
Piano concerto no.21 in C K467 1967 list
REICHEL Bernard Fantasia pour piano (1940) 1947 list
REIMANN Aribert Piano concerto (1961) 1967 list
ROUSSEL Albert Suite in F# minor op.14 (1910) – movts 1,2 1951 list, score a few markings in no.2 only
RUBBRA Edmund Concerto (1943) (sic) 1947 list Timing wrong for Sinfonia Concertante for piano and orchestra (rev 1943); f.p. Rubbra 1945
SCHULLER Gunther Piano concerto no.1 (1962) 1967 list
SEARLE Humphrey * Piano concerto no.2 op.27 (1955) 1956 list f.p., f.Lon.p. (Proms) Clive Lythgoe 1955, 1956
Piano sonata op.21 (1951) 1956 list f.p. not by MK
SHIMMIN Peggy 2 songs of Blake (1957) dedicated to Sophie Wyss and MK score dedication on score
SKALKOTTAS Nikos Andante sostenuto for piano and small orchestra (from piano concerto no.3) (1938-39) 1956 list
Piano Suite [unspecified] 1956 list
Passacaglia (from "32 Piano Pieces") (1940-41) 1956 list
STOCKHAUSEN Karlheinz Klavierstück I (1952) score
SZYMANOWSKI Karol Sinfonia concertante op.60 (1932) 1967 list, letter 12 Nov 1961
Mazurkas 1951 list
TIPPETT Michael Piano Concerto (1955) 1956 list f.p., f.Lon.p. Louis Kentner 30 Oct 1956, 3 Nov 1956; score published 1957
TISCHAUSER Franz Sonatine (1940) 1947 list
VOGEL Wladimir "Nature Vivante" Quattro morceaux poétique pour piano (1917-22) dedicated to Margaret and Howard on their marriage 25 April 1951 score dedication on manuscript
WEBER Carl Maria von Piano concerto no.1 in C, op.11 (1810) 1967 list

Undetermined repertoire from the Bern Gattiker concerts

We are unable to deduce which pianist played which works in these two concerts
FORNEROD Aloÿse Deux petites pièces pour piano op.14 (1927) Bern 4 June 1942
played by MK or Leni Züllig

with Theo Hug (violin), Karl Georg von Arx or Albert Nicolet (cello)

"Werke westschweizerischer Komponisten"

Sonata for violin and piano op.11 (1925)
Sonata for cello and piano op.24 (1934)
REICHEL Bernard Deux danses pour piano
MOTTU Alexandre Danses et contredanses pour piano (selection) (1937)
BLUM Robert Trio for piano, violin und cello (1943) Bern 12 Oct 1945 played by MK or Walter Nydegger

with Katharina Marti (alto), Hansheinz Schneeberger (violin), Paul Habegger (viola), Rolf Looser (cello)

BROM Mordechai Sonatensatz for violin und piano
LOOSER Rolf "Air en forme de sarabande" for alto und piano
"Jetzt reifen schon die roten Berberitzen" (Rilke) for alto and piano (1945)
GELBRUN Arthur Sonatine for piano (1945; dedicated to Willy Burkhard)
Berceuse for alto and piano (Simon Pache; 1945)
KUHN Max Präludium for piano
Lieder for alto und piano: "Der Einsame", "Von den gerechten Dingen", "Lied der Drehorgelfrau"
* indicated on the 1956 repertoire list as being a first performance or first broadcast performance. Most have documented first performances or first broadcast performances by other pianists, but Margaret may have given the first performance in Switzerland or another European country.
1967 list Concerto repertoire sent by Ingpen & Williams to the BBC in 1967.
  1956 list Repertoire of contemporary concertos and solo piano works, presumably created for Margaret's agent. It seems unlikely that all these works were performed, or at least not by the inferred date of the list. For works that also appear on another list there is a stronger presumption of performance.
  1951 list Handwritten list in score of Roussel suite, date inferred
  1947 list CV sent to the BBC in April 1947
  score Score with markings by Margaret or a dedication. No inference can be made from the lack of annotated performances because some other works performed by Margaret lack such annotations.

1 An internet source lists two concertos with this combination: one with 16 winds dated 1948, published by Schott and premiered in Germany by M. Bergmann on 19 Oct 1957, the other with 15 winds dated 1956. The copy in the French National Library bearing the dedication, originally belonging to Yvonne Loriod, is dated 1956 and has 16 winds. In vol.1 of Michel Ciry's diaries, an entry on 3 May 1956 praises Loriod for wanting a clause in her contract embargoing a recording of his concerto on English airwaves for 6 months, the reason being that she is not the dedicatee and wants Margaret to play it before her in England. The library records the score as printed. The only published concerto appears to be Schott's. It seems probable that there is only one concerto, possibly revised. Margaret left scores of all the other works of Ciry that she performed, but there is none for the concerto so it seems unlikely that she performed it. We can discount a broadcast on the BBC or Swiss radio.