All listed performances have at least one source from those below.
  • Concert programmes

    One or more programmes were found for 33% of works. Some were present in Margaret's effects, most of the others in collections at the British Library. Many programmes for SPNM concerts, in which Margaret played frequently, are missing from the BL collections, particularly for the earlier years. The British Music Collection in Huddersfield acquired the SPNM archive but it is uncatalogued and not currently accessible.
  • Reviews

    Reviews were found for 33% of the works, the majority in The Musical Times or in British and Swiss newspapers whose archives are searchable online.
  • Scores

    Scores with Margaret's annotations were available for 20% of the works in the Performances list. Almost all are held in the Margaret Kitchin collection at the Royal Academy of Music. Some scores that Margaret is known to have performed have no annotated performances, but most of the remaining 80% are missing. Studio recordings give the recording date. From the handwriting and occasional alterations and insertions, some entries were evidently made years later; see for example Goehr sonata no.2, Banks violin sonata, Henze concerto and Tippett's The Heart's Assurance.
  • BBC genome

    BBC radio listings information printed in Radio Times between 1923 and 2009. 11% of works have no other source apart from a few recordings in the British Library Sound Archives. A further 76 radio programmes identify Margaret Kitchin as performer without giving the works performed, so there could be much additional broadcast repertoire remaining to be discovered.
  • Recordings

    Recordings exist for 7% of the works. Margaret did not make many commercial recordings and the majority are taped from BBC radio. The Lyrita Recorded Edition Trust has released one radio broadcast on CD (the Hamilton concerto); we hope further releases will be forthcoming.
  • A Dictionary-Catalog of Modern British Composers, Alan Poulton (2001)

    A catalogue of works by 54 British composers born between 1891 and 1923, in three volumes. Gives details of all known first performances (f.p., f.broad.p, f.Brit.p., etc.), accounting for 7% of works in the Performances list.
  • A Chronicle of First Broadcast Performances of Musical Works in the United Kingdom, 1923-1996, ed. Mitchell and Poulton (2000)

    Contains information taken from the BBC Programme-as-Broadcast log for 4% of the works. Less complete than the volumes above.
  • Neue Musik in alten Mauern: Die "Gattiker-Hausabende für zeitgenössische Musik" – Einer Berner Konzertgeschichte 1940-1967, Doris Lanz

    History of a long-running series of contemporary music concerts in Bern. Includes peformances by Margaret between 1942 and 1950, comprising 10% of the works in the Performances list. For two concerts in which another pianist took part we are unable to deduce which part of the programme Margaret played; these works are listed in other repertoire.
  • Other sources

    Advertisements, correspondence, articles, books, and catalogues. 14 works (3%) have no other source.